Do you offer invitations in sizes other than 5x7?
At this time, our invitations are only designed as 5x7.

I don't need everything in the Party Kit. Can I purchase items separately?
Yes, we offer items for purchase individually or in smaller packages....just ask.

Can I change the skin color, hair color or eye color used in a design?
Yes, we can change those things for you.  You must request it at checkout, not after the design work has been started.

Can I add another name to the design?
Yes, we can add two names to the personalized items of the design as long as both names are entered at checkout.  

Can you change a design to suit a baby shower or other event?
Yes, most likely we can change the design to accommodate you.  Please contact us prior to purchasing to be sure.

What computer software will I need?
To view the PDF files we send, you will need Adobe Reader that can be downloaded free at http://get.adobe.com/reader.

Will your printbles work with MAC computer?
Yes, but the printables are only able to be viewed with Adobe Reader and not the default MAC viewer called Preview. If you view a PDF file in MAC, it will automatically open with Preview, even if you have Adobe Reader installed.  It is recommended that you open Adobe Reader, then open all of files from within Adobe Reader.  If you open using Preview, it is possible that not all fonts will show up or they may be distorted.

Do you offer custom samples?
Due to the nature of our business, we cannot offer custom samples.  Examples of the products are shown on our website.

Do you do photo editing?
We can crop your photo to fit the design you choose and upon request, change the photo to black & white; however, we are unable to make other edits such as removing elements from the photo or retouching.

Can I use more than one photo in the design?
Using more than one photo requires a layout change and is subject to a customization fee. Please contact us to discuss it prior to purchasing.

How do I submit my photo to you for use in the design I purchased?
After checkout, please email the photo to beckie@partysoperfect.com with the order # in the subject line.

The date, time or venue of the party has changed and I need my invitation updated. Can you do this?
Yes, no problem. We realize that things happen and plans change; therefore there is no charge for changing the party information.  However, all other edits are subject to a fee.

Can I make changes to the design myself?
No, you can't. All designs and edits are done by us and the file will be sent to you as a flattened jpg or pdf file,
which does not allow for edits.

How long do you keep my design on file?
Due to the volume of orders we receive, all designs are purged from our system 6 months from the date of purchase.  It is recommended that you save a backup copy of your file.

Can you change the language on an invitation or party design?
We can change the language on an invitation for no charge; however, to change it on multiple items or party kits, there will be a customization charge because of the time involved. When requesting an item in a different language, you will need to send the text exactly how you want it written (line by line).  Sometimes I will request that the English version be placed beside it so that it will help me with spacing on the invitation. Please keep in mind, that certain fonts do not recognize accent marks; therefore it is possible that the font will need to be changed to something similar.

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